The Weekly Weeker

by Alex and her guineas Zuna and Willow

“Hi this is Zuna and her sister Willow.  We are here to tell you its been a while, sorry, things have been chaotic but we promise to get back on track. “ “Hiya omg Zuna how could you ignore the fact its December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you do know its 9 more days till “ o ya that’s right omg how could I forget why its almost Christmas  anyways also we have decided that for Christmas we want a pen pal so my fellow guineas if you wish to  become our pen pal send us a email at  So this is zuna and WILLOW signing off, see you next time on the weekly weeker

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The Weekly Wheeker (Oct. 12, 2013)

My new guineas have gotten accustomed to  their cage and they sure know how to wheek wheek wheek wheek.  All they do is wheek and I must say they are super sassy and very active.

Now its their turn to talk:

Hi my name is Zuna


And that was my sister Willow . Say hi Willow


Ok settle down  Willow.  Any way welcome friends to The Weekly Wheeker. Please enjoy our  most recent  pictures from our most recent adventure!


These are our Halloween photos, I’m a princess and Willow is a masquerade guinea!

As you all may know we are brand new and Aunty Muffin and Aunty Magic have passed ;( sad face) to the rainbow bridge.  This is their photo memorial:

Feb10 055Feb10 056Feb10 046 April10 014June10 001Aug10 040Aug10 052

Signing out your buddies Zuna , Willow and Alex .

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Happy Groundhog Day: Guinea Pig Style


Last year Muffin made her debut at predicting the weather just like Punxsutawney Phil.  While it’s true that Muffin is a Guinea Pig, she is at least as cute as Phil!  You can read all about her first foray into weather prediction here.

This morning Punxsutawney Phil, that delightful groundhog, predicted an early Spring which is great news!  I’m always ready for Spring once we get into February.  Phil was up and predicting at 7:28 a.m. which is a bit early for Muffin, but once she had a leisurely breakfast she was ready to make her prediction.

Here she is getting ready to make Guinea Pig history again (you can’t rush making history!):


And did she agree with Phil?  Yes, she did!  Muffin did not see her shadow (as evidenced in the photo below) and she is happy to announce that there will indeed be an early Spring!  Yhea!


Of course, considering how overcast it was this morning no one would have seen a shadow anywhere.  But Muffin said she looks so good in her outfit that we should ignore such niggling questions and admire her adorableness instead!  After all that hard work she was happy to retire back to her cage for a leisurely lunch (do you see a pattern here?).

A photo of our less then lovely start to the day (taken by Mac):


Fortunately the day turned out to be lovely, despite the gray start, and Muffin is pleased to have played a part in her second annual role as resident Saint Louis MO weather predictor.  Three cheers for Muffin the Guinea Pig (who will gladly except payment for her weather genius in the form of carrots, parsley or cilantro – for all those leisurely meals she likes so much!).

Note:  All pictures of Muffin were taken by Alex.

Camera Critters


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Muffin’s Snow Adventure (Not the Usual Snow Photos)


Typically the first snow of the season means photos of the kids happily running around throwing snow at everyone and everything. 

But this time we give you something different – this time you get:

Muffin, Brave Guinea Pig Explorer of the Artic Midwest

Muffin had no idea that she would be expected to tackle a snowy landscape during her trip outdoors today.  But she is known for her resourcefulness and she was able to find some tasty grass to nibble on despite the chill.


Good thing she had an appropriate sweater for such a major event!


One of the best parts of an adventure is getting to explore – in this case, Muffin spent some time exploring the woods behind the house.  She found a great spot to enjoy the view (a fallen tree trunk). 


She was hoping to see some wildlife – a deer perhaps – but it was so quiet she could listen to the snow falling and think deep thoughts, like what she should request for her snack tonight (carrots, cilantro or peppers?). 


Here is the view Muffin is enjoying, very pretty.


Thank you Muffin, for sharing your adventure!

(All Photos by Alexandria)

Camera Critters


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Winners of the Great Carrot Decorating Contest!!


Our apologies that this took a bit longer to accomplish then we had planned – it seems everyone in the family has been taking turns being sick (except for Muffin, who remains happy and healthy fortunately) and then Dad had to go and end up in the hospital for a couple days.

But Alexandria and Muffin (the Guinea Pig) are happy to officially announce the winners of their first ever Carrot Decorating Contest!  Since there were four entries Muffin picked the order (via numbered pieces of paper) and we decided to give prizes to all four entries!

Here is Muffin organizing her list of winners, isn’t she cute in an official looking way!  She took her job as judge very seriously!


The first place winner is:

Lola, Buffy and Broccoli (the guinea pigs) (aka Cavy Savy) for their delightful seahorse carrot carving.  Muffin has informed Alex that she would like some of her carrots carved in the shape of seahorses in the future, no more plain carrots thank you very much!!


The second place winner is:

Cosmo (the Parrot) for this wonderful Carrot Cabin that Muffin would like to move right into even though she would be tempted to eat it!  She is especially fond of the carrot pathway, how cute is that!


The Third Place Winner is:

Theodore Hamilton III (the guinea pig) for this fun Carrot Rocket Car.  Muffin is really hoping to get one of these for Christmas (hint, hint to the humans around here!!):


And Fourth Place (Honorable Mention) goes to:

Isadora (the Mouse) for her tasty Carrot Cheese Plate which Muffin thinks is great because while she doesn’t eat cheese she can certainly appreciate it when it’s made out of carrots!

Cheese Carrot Carving

Thank you to everyone who entered!  We had so much fun with this and Muffin is hoping to convince Alex to do another contest of some sort in the spring.

All prizes are packed and will be going out in the next day or so, we hope everyone enjoys them!!

Hugs and Wheeks!!!

Alexandria and Muffin the Guinea Pig

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The Great Carrot Decorating Contest (a post by Muffin the Guinea Pig)




Update as of 12/13/12 — the judging shall commence, we plan to have the winners posted this weekend — wheek!

Update as of 11/28/12 — we have received three entries already and have two more on the way!  There are some impressive carrot decorating skills out there so don’t be shy send in your creation and join the fun — wheek!

Hey everyone –

My name is Muffin (or Muff to my friends, which I consider all my readers to be!).  That’s me in the photo above preparing my blog post – am I cute or what?!

So do you want to enter a cool contest?  Of course you do!

All you have to do is have your human help you decorate a carrot – it can be any design you want – carved, embellished, etc. — have fun with it!  As long as all decorations are edible, so your carrot lover can have the creation once you have sent the photo in, of course!  I know that most of time humans carve and decorate pumpkins but lets face it, I’m a carrot lover and a carrot eater – so carrots seemed like a great choice for a guinea pig holding a contest, don’t you think?!

Then have your human take a photo of the wonderful carrot creation and send it to us by email ( along with your name, your human’s name and your email address.

My human (Alexandria who is 9) and I will pick the top three (with only numbers attached to the photos so she and I won’t know who submitted what) that we think are the most fun and creative and then I will select (by random nibbling) the grand prize, second place and third place winners.  I’m really good at picking winners – wheek!

Any pet who eats carrots is welcome to join in the fun – guinea pigs (like me!), rabbits, hamsters and gerbils.  If you are a dog, cat, chinchilla, etc. and you love carrots, well, join in, don’t be shy, carrots are lots of fun!

I bet you are wondering what you can win, right?  Of course you are!

The grand prize winner will receive a $20 gift card to Petco (so you can buy lots of goodies) and (if you have a young human) two beanie babies.

Second prize will be $10 worth of treats from Petco, selected for whatever type of cute animal you are.

Third prize will be a small mystery prize.

And we will, of course, post the top three entries so everyone can admire your creativity!

The contest will be open from November 23 to December 13, so get your entries in now.  I can’t promise delivery of prizes by the holidays but we will do our best and get them to you asap!

xoxoxoxox and Happy Thanksgiving (a tad late) to all my furry friends!!!!


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Groundhogs & Guinea Pigs: Who Knew?

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a fan of Groundhog Day — I’m not entirely sure why but I find it an appealing holiday.  Perhaps because it focuses on such a cute furry critter — which I grew up calling a woodchuck by the way.  Or perhaps its because I always live in hope that something, anything will bring winter to an early close!  I’m just not a winter person.

So today is Groundhog Day and the first thing the kids and I did this morning was to look for news about Punxsutawney Phil.  In case you missed it, he is predicting 6 more weeks of winter — sigh.  My only hope in this case is the fact that he only has a 39% accuracy rate!  Cuteness obviously counts for a lot when you’re a groundhog predicting the weather!

PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA - FEBRUARY 2: Groundhog handl...

We also read two excellent books in preparation for Groundhog’s Day this year — one a non-fiction book for kids about the history of Groundhog’s Day (title coming later since Mac took the book to school to share) and the other was Punxsutawney Phyllis about a girl groundhog who dreams of taking Uncle Phil’s place as the annual weather predictor.  The kids thought it was a nice twist on the typical story and enjoyed it.

It also gave my daughter a “great idea” as she put it — if Phyllis could be the all-important Groundhog guru then why not a Guinea Pig named Magic.  Groundhog, Guinea Pig — sure, why not?!

So after we checked in on Phil and everyone was dressed for school we trooped outside with Magic the Magnificent, our own personal  weather prognosticator.

Here she is ready to make her debut:

Yes, unfortunately, as you can see in the next (dramatically staged!) photo, Magic the Magnificent saw her shadow and was forced to agree with Punxsutawney Phil about the continuance of winter — well, fine, just be that way!

Despite this gloomy forecast Magic the Magnificent received the adulation due to her as she made her way inside to a celebratory feast of carrots and parsley.

And there you have it, the First Annual Guinea Pig Winter Prediction by Magic the Magnificent.  You may discuss among yourselves now and prepare for the next six (long) weeks of winter.  I’m personally considering hibernation!!

If you would like to see the Groundhog Day craft we did last year (which Alex saved to hang up again this year — yes, we are the family that decorates for Groundhog Day, don’t you?!) you can find it here:

Let’s Celebrate Groundhog Day with Phil

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