Downton Abbey Goes to the Dogs (Camera Critters #214)


Countess Lady is ready for the ball at Downton Abbey:




This is what happens when you let a 9 year old watch too much Downton Abbey!  Lady had a bustle but she managed to wiggle out of it, although she was very patient about the “gloves”, “dress”, and ear decorations!

The indignity that a dog must endure in the name of historical dressing up Smile


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  1. What a cooperative dog you have!
    Pat recently posted..O Blackbird!

  2. Too cute! It’s wonderful how patient dogs can be with their families.
    Thanks for the visit!
    Dimple recently posted..Blue Heron

  3. oh, dear me! :) too funny.

    thanks for coming by and leaving your great comment! :)
    TexWisGirl recently posted..Dripping Jewels? Nah, Just Dipping Gem

  4. Hehehe, a cute and friendly dog :)

    Thanks for dropping by.
    lina@happy family recently posted..Pelicans

  5. wow, she is all dressed up. Having fun. :)

  6. At least she won’t get cold feet.
    Michael recently posted..Swan Lake

  7. That’s so cute and fun!
    Beyond Zephyr recently posted..First Mourning Cloak Butterfly 2012

  8. what an adorable dog…so cute :-) Dropping by from Camera Critters
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..The pollywogs are back at the pond

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