The Weekly Weeker

by Alex and her guineas Zuna and Willow

“Hi this is Zuna and her sister Willow.  We are here to tell you its been a while, sorry, things have been chaotic but we promise to get back on track. “ “Hiya omg Zuna how could you ignore the fact its December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you do know its 9 more days till “ o ya that’s right omg how could I forget why its almost Christmas  anyways also we have decided that for Christmas we want a pen pal so my fellow guineas if you wish to  become our pen pal send us a email at  So this is zuna and WILLOW signing off, see you next time on the weekly weeker

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The Weekly Wheeker (Oct. 12, 2013)

My new guineas have gotten accustomed to  their cage and they sure know how to wheek wheek wheek wheek.  All they do is wheek and I must say they are super sassy and very active.

Now its their turn to talk:

Hi my name is Zuna


And that was my sister Willow . Say hi Willow


Ok settle down  Willow.  Any way welcome friends to The Weekly Wheeker. Please enjoy our  most recent  pictures from our most recent adventure!


These are our Halloween photos, I’m a princess and Willow is a masquerade guinea!

As you all may know we are brand new and Aunty Muffin and Aunty Magic have passed ;( sad face) to the rainbow bridge.  This is their photo memorial:

Feb10 055Feb10 056Feb10 046 April10 014June10 001Aug10 040Aug10 052

Signing out your buddies Zuna , Willow and Alex .

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